The Acceleo Main Module

Main Modules and Launcher class



"Main" Acceleo modules are entry points, that is to say modules which are used to describe, in some way, the generation workflow.

Such modules can be created from standard acceleo modules, they just have to contain the ``@main`` annotation.

They do not necessary have to contain ``[file]`` tags: Main modules are the executable modules, they need not be modules that actually generate files.

Nevertheless, Acceleo proposes a facility to create main modules. Right-click in the package explorer, if possible on the package in which you want to create a new main module though this is not necessary. Select New > Other... (or Ctrl + N). Select Acceleo Main Module File in the acceleo Model to Text category.

Click on Next >. Enter the name of the module to create (without the .mtl extension) and the folder in which it must be created, if the proposed folder is inconvenient.

Click on Next >. Select the templates that this main module will call to actually generate files.

Click on Finish. A new Acceleo module is created, which contains the @main annotation and consequently has a generated java file attached. This module imports the modules that have been selected in the preceding wizard page, and just calls them one after the other.

You can now freely edit the content of this module to implement the workflow you need. The created file is just an accelerator to initialize this task. It will be sufficient in most cases but can be modified at will.



The main template will be called on all the elements of the model with the given type. The beginning of the execution of the main template initialized the generation. As such, if you have a main template defined on a UML Class, this template will be called for all your classes but it also mean that the generator will be initialized for each call to this main template so, for example, the cache of the queries will be cleared after each call. It is recommended to define the main module on the root of your metamodel and then to navigate manually in your model to call all the other templates. On a UML model, you would improve performances by defining your generator on the root concept Model instead of Class.


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